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We need our Israeli hero: what is Marvel’s end game?

The short film starts innocently enough. A group of teenagers jostle and joke, arms around each others’ shoulders. But soon we see a French teen realising his Jewish friends have to hide every visible aspect of their identities, from their Star of David necklaces to their last names, to the mezuzah on their door. He protests as they draw the blinds to light Shabbat candles, but the family insists. It is just too dangerous to be publicly Jewish right now.
The film, which aired in France on Basti...

Evolution Favors Hate Baiters; Are Facts Headed Toward Extinction? -

Joe Friday, the protagonist in the 1960’s television series Dragnet, delighted a generation of baby-boomers with his good cop demeanor and his famous tagline: “just the facts, ma’am.”

Underscoring just how deeply the authority of facts has been degraded since Dragnet first aired, when asked for just the facts about Detective Joe Friday, DeepAI eviscerated him for his misogynistic and coercive assault on subjective reality.

The character, said DeepAI, “is not interested in listening to the wome

I serve IDF soldiers every day. They look like homesick teenagers

I serve IDF (Israel Defense Force) soldiers at a canteen in southern Israel on the border with Gaza. The canteen is under a big tent that they call the Station. It gets its name from a nearby gas station because soldiers come to fill up with a hot meal and a warm welcome from the volunteers who run it.

Work at the Station can be hard, scrubbing pots, clearing tables, unloading pallets of food, peeling huge sacks of onions, and serving hundreds of meals.

But for me, the hardest part is keeping

At last we can see true Arab solidarity with Israel

As nearly nine million Israelis — including my own family — were sheltering in bunkers on Saturday evening in anticipation of an impending military offensive by the Islamic Republic in Iran, a somewhat surprising development was unfolding behind the scenes.

Gulf nations like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, which have historically been antagonistic toward the Jewish state, were in the process of feeding Israeli officials vital intelligence about Iran’s forthcoming attack. These action

Israel is winning against Hamas — but the bad guys are succeeding in courts of public opinion

The calls this week for the arrest of Israeli President Isaac Herzog on charges of “genocide” suggest that the bad guys are beginning to win in the war between Israel and Hamas.

Not in Gaza, mind you, where Israeli forces continue to obliterate Hamas’ armed infrastructure in response to its massacre on Oct. 7.

But in legal chambers and courts of public opinion across the globe.

You see the bad guys everywhere — hiding, of course, in Gaza, burrowed in their terror tunnels surrounded by the Pal

Deepfakes: Antisemitism’s new calling card is hiding in plain sight

In many ways, the events of Oct. 7 closely mirrored past Palestinian acts of aggression toward the Jewish state. Once again, terrorists masquerading as “freedom fighters” wounded and killed innocent Israelis in a crowded public space. Also once again, Israel’s response has led to the unfortunate deaths of people in Gaza. Once again, anti-Israel zealots, fueled by Hamas propaganda, have united in widespread condemnation and false accusations of “apartheid.”

Sadly, it’s a script that we are all t

Harvard president’s resignation will not end antisemitism

With the news of Harvard University president Claudine Gay’s resignation, I’ve been left in an awkward position. While many of my Jewish friends are celebrating, this “victory” feels hollow to me, if one can even call it a victory.

I first learned about Gay in the aftermath of Hamas’s Oct. 7 attack. It was one of the darkest days of my life, and learning that student groups at Harvard had released a letter condemning Israel and claiming that the murders and rapes were entirely Israel’s fault wa

Harvard’s President’s Resignation Will Not End Antisemitism

With the news of Harvard’s president, Dr. Claudine Gay, resigning, I’ve been left in an awkward position. While many of my Jewish friends are celebrating, this “victory” feels hollow to me, if one can even call it a victory.

I first learned about Dr. Gay in the aftermath of Hamas’ October 7th attack. It was one of the darkest days of my life, and learning that student groups at Harvard had released a letter condemning Israel and claiming that the murders and rapes were entirely Israel’s fault was like putting salt in the wound. Many American Jews reached out to me at that time, terrified that colleges were no longer safe for their children or that they didn’t feel safe on campuses. Dr. Gay’s inaction most certainly fed into this fear, and I was far from the only person who had issues with how she handled things.

Calls for Ceasefire Are an Antisemitic Demand—Jews Must Accept Our Genocide

When dozens of protestors halted traffic on a major Los Angeles highway this week, it was the latest in a string of major public calls for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war. The demonstration, led by the notorious anti-Israel group IfNotNow, followed a vote for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas from 153 countries (the U.S. voted against) during an emergency special session of the United Nations General Assembly.

As an Israeli Jew who helped Palestinian civilians during my five year service

The folly of LGBT sympathy for Hamas

Beyond Hamas’s ruthlessness — and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s fecklessness — one thing that’s become increasingly clear since the October 7 attack on Israel is that social justice groups and identity crusaders no longer possess even a shred of seriousness.

How could they, with feminist organizations still questioning the legitimacy of Hamas’s sexual violence against Israeli women? Or lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans groups insisting that “queer issues are Palestinian issues” — d

How to vanquish an enemy: Make him into a friend

Hunkering down under blasts from Hamas rockets, I ought to be thinking about my safety. But hellish images of old people being tortured, young girls being raped, and babies being beheaded have commandeered all of my emotional bandwidth.

After asking myself a thousand times what can be done about this bitter enemy, a statement made by Abraham Lincoln eventually came to mind. “The best way to destroy an enemy,” he said, “is to make him a friend.”

Friendship requires empathy and appreciation. Aft

After the Gaza Attack, Choosing Between My Two Identities

In my many decades as a mixed African American and Jewish American, I’ve never felt the need to choose between the two—until this past week. Not until I saw images such as a paragliding activist carrying a Palestinian flag in a post on X from the Chicago chapter of Black Lives Matter. Or Instagram screeds from Black “educators” like Ericka Hart—celebrated for her queerness in Vogue last summer—who’s spent the past few days championing the Hamas terrorists who would think nothing of slicing her q

LGBT / Gay Israeli News

In the middle of a recent two-week trip to Tel Aviv—a city where I lived for many years, many years ago—I suddenly realized why I felt oddly content, oddly validated, oddly accepted. Nearly all of the gay men I spent time with were dads like myself. My hip hotelier buddy and his creative director husband: Their daughter just celebrated her bat mitzvah. My old friend, a diplomat and former ambassador: His son is now 8. The hunky media dude I encountered one unbearably humid evening: dad to a daug

90-year-old Holocaust survivor from NYC moved to Israel last month – and refuses to retreat from frontlines

A 90-year-old Holocaust survivor from NYC moved to Israel last month – and said she has no plans to retreat from the frontlines in the wake of a devastating attack by Hamas.

Lucy Lipiner – who arrived in NYC as a 16-year-old Holocaust survivor from Poland – told The Post from Tel Aviv on Monday that she remains resolute and ready to stare down any evils that may come her way.

“Friends in the US are begging me to come back. They said I`m not going to help Israel by staying and will not rest unt

Spurs’ Israeli star Manor Solomon joins The Tel Aviv Institute for new year dinner

In true Israeli style the partying carried on long after the event was over. I’m talking about the Rosh Hashanah celebration at Lilienblum, Eyal Shani’s latest culinary gem in Shoreditch, in partnership with Jewish News and Tel Aviv Institute. Chefs Eyal Shai and Oren King collaborated on a menu to celebrate new beginnings while keeping true to traditions.

Those who were lucky enough to nab tickets to this exclusive event included Spurs player Manor Solomon and his girlfriend Dana Voshina, infl

Amy Albertson, Social Media Coach and Jewish Activist

Many young Jews and Zionists today are grappling with their identity. What does it mean to be Jew? What does it mean to be a Zionist? How do those identities intersect with other parts of who I am? How do I deal with people online telling me my Judaism is a problem?

Amy Albertson, a professional Social Media Coach and Jewish activist, has dealt with these questions her whole life as a Chinese-American-Jewish woman. Host Steven Shalowitz sits down with Amy to talk about Zionism and how her exper
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