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By donating to The Tel Aviv Institute, you are making a powerful investment in amplifying Jewish voices and the fight against antisemitism. Your contribution enables us to empower Jewish social media influencers, equipping them with the necessary tools, resources, and support to speak up about their Jewish identity, promote Israel, and combat prejudice. Together, we can challenge misconceptions, reshape narratives, and build bridges of understanding in an increasingly interconnected world.

Your generous donation also allows us to organize our highly impactful Jews talk Justice labs, bringing together influential Jewish voices worldwide to foster collaboration, inspire innovation, and promote justice. These transformative conferences provide a platform for influencers to connect, learn from experts in the field, and develop strategies to address critical issues facing Jewish communities today. Your support enables us to expand our reach, enhance our digital presence, and create a positive and lasting impact on social media platforms where opinions are shaped and perceptions are challenged.

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